Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune

Dr. D. Y. Patil Dental College & Hospital
Pimpri, Pune 411018.
(Re-accredited by NAAC with a CGPA of 3.62 on a four point scale at 'A' Grade)

Research & Development

A research society has been established in the college and the faculty are members of this. The research committee consists of six senior faculty members. They guide, organize, plan and execute the functioning of research activities in the college.

A brief look at some departmental research activities is shown below.

  • Gum diseases & its relation to heart disease. By Dr. P. Balaji
  • Regeneration of Bone near the implant & periodontal defects. By Dr. P. Balaji
  • Implant-interface. By Dr. P. Balaji
  • An assessment of the cured materials with the help of a modified intra-canal / intra-radicular light curing delivery system in-vitro. By Dr. Vishwas B. Chaugule
  • Enzymatic activities of Glucokinase, Glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase and lactate dehydrogenase in plaque associated with and without caries. By Dr. Rahul R. Deshpande
  • The retention of glass ionomer and light cure resin pit & fissure sealant with the replica technique as in the vivo study. By Dr. U.S. Athawale
  • Determination of the efficiency of biomechanical preparation of the apical third of the root canal using k-files, h-files & canal finder. By Dr. Sanyot Mulay
  • Repair of furcation perforation by artificial floor technique - an in - vitro study. By Dr. Pradeep Chaudhary

Sr.No. Teacher / Student Name of the Project Project sanctioning authority
1 Dr. Vishwas Patil Assess the effect of advancing age and dental experience of co-operative and uncooperative children on dental fear using child's fear survey schedule-dental subscale scores.  
2 Dr. Sanket Kunte Evaluation and comparison of caries susceptibility, using oratest, colorimetric Snyder's test and salivary streptococcus mutants count amongst children with and without caries in the age group of 6-8 years.  
3 Dr. Santhosh Kumar Comparison of preoperative ketorolac & Parecoxib in reducing the post-operative complication of impacted mandibular of impacted mandibular third molar- A clinical study. ICMR
4 Dr. Kedar Vaidya Evaluation of need of palatal anaesthesia while extracting maxillary third molar ICMR
5 Dr. Sachin Bagade Evaluation of mandibular angle reduction forceps in the treatment of mandibular angle fractures. Pune University
6 Dr. Shadab Ali Baig Effect of Midazolam, propofol and their combination in day care oral and maxillofacial surgery patients. Pune University
7 Dr. Vikas Nayak The unerupted or impacted teeth - A critical appraisal of their pathological potential. Pune University
8 Dr. Shrikant Mali To compare the efficacy of methylprednisolone and dexamethasone during the postoperative period after third molar surgery. Pune University
9 Dr. Nilesh Patil Use of alloplastic bone graft material after third molar surgery. Pune University
10 Dr. Nitin Oswal Versatility of nasolabial flap fort reconstruction of the surgical defect. Pune University
11 Dr. Amit Nimkar To Evaluate the efficacy of acetaminophen as analgesic in third molar surgery MUHS
12 Dr. Rupali Dhonnar Application of Tissue adhesives for healing of surgical wounds after Alveoloplasty MUHS
13 Dr. Manish Gupta To compare the analgesic efficacy of oral administration of diclofenac with the transdermal patch of diclofenac in postoperative pain after 3rd molar surgery. MUHS
14 Dr. Swarnav Patnaik A compared study of physical and chemical composition between different types of Titanium miniplates: An in-vitro Study. MUHS
15 Dr. Samrat Sabhlok Application of 2:0 mm mini plates in rigid internal fixation of mandibular angle fractures. MUHS
16 Dr. Ankush Agrawal Bite force measurement in patient's treated for Mandibular angle fracture. MUHS
17 Dr. Pradeep Shetty Comparison of Different Materials on Pulp capping -Histological Analysis MUHS, Nashik
18 Dr. Nikhil Raj Effect of Different Combinations of Calcium hydroxide on microhardness of root dentine -An In-Vitro study MUHS, Nashik
19 Dr. Abhinav Misuriya Antimicrobial Analysis of various root canal irrigants against Certain endodontic pathogens -An In-vitro Study MUHS, Nashik
20 Dr. Deepak Thosre Effect of Surface polishing & oral beverages on surface roughness 4 color stability of different composite resins -An In vitro study MUHS, Nashik
21 Dr. Lokesh Galav Effect of different mode of photoactivated polymerization of composite in class II cavity -An In-Vitro study MUHS, Nashik
22 Dr. Puja shah Influence of Eugenol containing & Non-Eugenol containing temporary cement on bond strength of composite resins to dentine using different adhesive system MUHS, Nashik
23 Dr. Mayur Chawdhary Detection of HIV antibodies in Oral mucosal transudate using Calypte aware test kit  
24 Dr. Archana Sonane To Evaluate the Biochemical relationship of total Sialic acid, lipid bound sialic acid and total protein in oral precancerous and cancerous lesions  
25 Dr. Kirti Goleccha To determine the possible role of human cytomegalovirus in periodontal pathoses  
26 Dr. Gargi Zarkar Assessment of salivary and serum superoxide dismutase, uric acid and lipid peroxidation in a patient with recurrent aphthous ulceration by spectrophotometric analysis. MUHS
27 Dr. Mamata .G.S Immunohistochemical expression of mast cell using C- kit in various grades of OSMF MUHS
28 Dr. Gauri Thakre Macroscopic evaluation of advancing and of carious dentinby visual method and by using caries disclosing dye 1% acid red MUHS
29 Dr. Sachin Sarode Palatoscopy & coelioscopy: - Comparative study on twins ICMR
30 Dr. Tanuja Deshpande Correlation of incisor retraction with Nasolabial angle and upper lip I.C.M.R
31 Dr. Manoj Bari Quantitative assessment of root resorption following orthodontic treatment and comparison between different groups of teeth I.C.M.R.
32 Dr. Sagar Dombe Effect of width of buccal corridor space judged by lay people artist dentist and Orthodontist M.U.H.S
33 Dr. Sachin Durkar A Clinical Comparison between different friction and frictionless mechanism for retraction of maxillary canine M.U.H.S
34 Dr. Priyanka Gupta Qualitative and Quantitative evaluation of post stripping polishing methods- in vitro study M.U.H.S
35 Dr. Nirav Patel Evaluation of shear bond strength of three different types of adhesive primers under contaminated and non-contaminated conditions - in vitro study M.U.H.S
36 Dr. Hitin Wahan To evaluate friction resistance between 3 self-ligating brackets M.U.H.S
37 Dr. Deepa Raut 'Evaluation of clinical signs and symptoms of TMJ disorders'-Study on 100 patients completed. NIL
38 Student: Miss Sudarshana Pawar. Guide: Dr. Pradnya Kakodkar. Fluoride mapping and clinical assessment of dental fluorosis, Dental caries and gingival status of Sakri residents.


39 Student: Miss. Uzma Shaik Rizaulhuq. Guide: Ravi V Shirahatti Assessment of the effects of scaling and root planing on Fasting Blood sugar levels in Type II diabetes patients _ A controlled clinical study".


40 Student: Miss Gagan deep Chadha. Guide: Dr. Vidya Nimbalkar Assessment of dietary pattern, oral hygiene practices, oral health status and dental needs of Autistic children


41 Dr. Pankaj Chivte Efficacy of bovine-derived xenograft alone and its combination with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in the treatment of intra bony defects.- a comparative clinical study. Dr. D. Y. Patil Dental College & Hospital Pimpri
42 Dr. Bianca Nazareth The effect of periodontal therapy on the glycemic control in patients with type II diabetes mellitus-a clinical study Dr. D. Y. Patil Dental College & Hospital Pimpri
43 Dr. Ankit Desai Assessment of alveolar bone loss using various radiographic techniques and comparing it with intra surgical measurements Dr. D. Y. Patil Dental College & Hospital Pimpri
44 Dr. Nupur Sah Saliva as a diagnostic aid in periodontitis patients-a biochemicoclinical and microbiological Dr. D. Y. Patil Dental College & Hospital Pimpri
45 Miss Pooja Telang ( IV Year student) Assessment of risk markers of cardiovascular disease in Periodontitis Patients -Under Short term Scholarship programme, Indian Council of Medical Research  
46 Dr. Anita Gala Comparative Evaluation of Cytotoxicity of Three Different Ni-Cr Alloy after Pre-treatment with three different Biologic Solution. Dr. Smita Athavale
47 Dr. Yogesh Ingole In Vitro comparison of solubility of four commercially available luting cements. Dr. Smita Athavale
48 Dr. Jasmeet Singh Chandok In Vitro study comparing the temperature rise in the pulp chamber during temporization by the direct method with the use of auto and photo polymerizing the resin. Dr. Dilip Dhamankar
49 Dr. Amit Thareja Evaluation of the accuracy of three impression techniques by addition and condensation silicon's. Dr. Dilip Kakade
50 Dr. Mayank Sharma Comparison of visual and digital shade matching in daylight and in the studio environment. Dr. Dilip Dhamankar
51 Dr. Unmesh Walunj Comparative Evaluation of dimensional Accuracy of three Commercially available die stone material. Dr. Dilip Kakade

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