ICMR STS Projects

ICMR Students felicitated along with guides in the council hall, by Dean, Dental College on 25th August 2016
Sr. No Name of the Student Ref. ID No. Name of the Guide Title
1.   Richa Kewalramani 317 Dr. Pallavi Channe A comparative evaluation of whole blood total antioxidant capacity using nitroblue tetrazolium reduction test in patients with oral lichen planus and healthy subjects.
2.   Nidhi Dev 988 Dr. Milanjeet Kaur To evaluate the deaddictive effect of an ayurvedic cigarette in smokers over a period of 6 weeks – an interventional study.
3.   Monica Parikh 1783 Dr. Gargi Sarode Assessment of Bioimpedance in patients with oral leukoplakia: An in-vivo study.
4.   Aishwarya Sahoo 2143 Dr. Piyush Oswal A comparative evaluation of bond strength of composites when the tooth preparation are finished with carbide burs,composite finishing burs and Nd:YAG LASER.
5.   Srushti Putta 2185 Dr. Aditi Mahalle Knowledge, attitude and practice on tobacco consumption among school children from a school in PCMC area, Pune: A cross sectional study.
6.   Angie S. Fernandes 2667 Dr. Sachin Sarode Study of Confocal Microscopic Examination of Acridine-Orange-stained Exfoliative Cytology and its Comparison with PAP-stained Compound Microscopic Examination for Early Detection of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
7.   Rishabh Ranjan 2932 Dr. S. N. Santoshkumar Comparison of efficacy of 0.75% ropivacaine and 2% lidocaine with 1:2,00,000 adrenaline in pain control in extraction of mandibular posterior teeth- A double-blind study.
8.   Sneha Mann 3357 Dr. Sushil Phansopkar Chemical analysis of Electronic-Hookah liquid cartridge and herbal flavoured hookah in Pune City. – An In-vitro study.
9.   Shruti Ladia 3462 Dr. Nitin Gupta Effectiveness of training on program on knowledge, attitude and practices related to infection control and waste management among 3rd year under-graduate students in a private dental college.”
10.   Himadri Vyas 3510 Dr. Mahesh Chavan Willingness to treat HIV infected patients and factors associated with refusal: a survey of dentists and dental students in pimpri-chinchwad.
11.   Sushmita Deshpande 3589 Dr. L. S. Rajpurohit Effectiveness of dental health education using Braille and Audio tactile performance technique for improving oral hygiene status of visually impaired children.
Sr. No Name of the Student Ref. ID No. Name of the Guide Title
1.   Vaishnavi Kotwal 2014 - 02154 Dr. Rahul Deshpande Comparative evaluation of physicochemical properties of saliva in deciduous, mixed and permanent dentition: A Catalogue for future diagnostics.
2.   Anu Vashisth 2014 - 02163 Dr. Milanjeet Kaur Cachexia in oral submucous fibrosis – An investigatory study.
3.   Shantanu Nathi 2014 - 02266 Dr. Santoshkumar S. N. The efficacy of anterior ramus technique (ART) for mandibular nerve block as an alternative to classical pterygo – mandibular nerve block (PMNB) – A comparative prospective study.
4.   Dhruvi Parikh 2014 - 03859 Dr. Anita Sanap Comparative evaluation of the antimicrobial activity of Morinda citrifolia with calcium hydroxide when used as an intracanal medicament.
5.   Sanjana Soneta 2014 - 04352 Dr. Anamika Borkar Comparative evaluation of the substantivity of various concentrations of a plant based irrigant on Candidi albicans – In vitro study.
6.   Himadri Kashyap 2014 - 04381 Dr. Shalini Aggarwal Comparative evaluation of various time exposures of an alternative root canal irrigant on smear, layer removal from root cananl system: In vitro study.
Sr. No Name of the Student Ref. ID Ni Name of the Guide & Contact No. Title
1.   Priyanka Bhagat 2013-00821 (III BDS) Dr. Anagha Shete Evaluation of presence of candidal colony forming units (CFUs) in type II diabetic subjects
Sr. No Title Investigators ID No. Guide & Dept. Status
1 Evaluation of Adult Dental Patterns on Orthopantomograms in local population and its implication for personal identification – A retrospective observational study. Ruchita Katote III BDS 2012 -02308 Dr. Sumit Bhateja Oral Medicine & Radiology Submitted &SelectedApril, 2012
2 Screening for oral cancer among tobacco users using toluidine blue stain and velscope. Sonakshi Jain III BDS 2012- 02955 Dr. Supriya Kheur Oral Pathology Submitted &Selected April, 2012
3 Micronucleus investigation in oral epithelial cells from vestibules among tobacco users and its relevance for oral cancer Priyanka Barne IV BDS M -8793733327 2012- 01086 Dr. Anagha Shete Oral Medicine & Radiology Submitted &Selected April, 2012
Sr. No Title Investigators ID No. Guide & Dept.
1 Hookah smoking: Evaluating carbon monoxide fraction and characteristics, behavior and perceptions of youth smokers in Pune – A cross – sectional study. Shruti Bansal I BDS 2011-00259 Dr. Pradnya Kakodkar Dept. of Public Health Dentistry
2 A descriptive study of body mass Index (BMI) and tobacco use petrol pump workers from Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune, Indian Akanksha Singh I BDS 2011-00262 Dr. Mamatha G. S.Dept. of Oral Pathology & Microbiology
3 Current scenario of biomedical waste disposal system adapted amongst dental institutions and private clinics in Pune Neha Sagar Kokil I BDS 2011-01012 Dr. Musarrat Khatri Dept. of Oral Pathology & Microbiology
4 Chelioscopy: Efficacy of fluorescent dye over lysochrome dye in developing invisible lip prints Rahul Anand II BDS 2011-01398 Dr. Sachin Sarode
5 Assessment of serum levels of superxide dismutase and Glutathione peroxidase in patients with squamous cell carcinoma by spectrophotometric analysis Shreya Dasgupta I BDS 2011-01701 Dr. Neeta Bagul Dept. of Oral Pathology & Microbiology
6 Treatment of oral lichen planus with topical tacrolinus and triamcinolone acetornide ointment – a comparative study Swarna B. Kumar III BDS 2011-02049 Dr. Mahesh Chavan Dept. of Oral Medicine & Radiology
Sr. No Title Investigators Guide & Dept.
1 Dermatoglyphic analysis of patients with oral sqvamous cell carcinoma Komal Patel(III BDS) 2010-01092 Dr.Gargi Sarode Oral Pathology
2 Differences in the palatal rugae pattern’s in two populations of India (maharashtrins and gujaratis ) Rahul Anand (I BDS) 2010-01096 Dr. Sachin Sarode Oral Pathology
3 Erosive potential of some commonly used beverages in Indian diet and the anti erosive effect of fluoride and xyitol as additives – an vitro study Sayali Jain (III BDS )2010-1679 Dr.Ravi Shirhatti Community Dentistry
4 Comparative evaluation of reduced glutathione (GSH) activity in chronic diabetic patients with and without periodontal disease Priyanka Kale (IV BDS) Dr Sharath Shetty Periodontology

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