Guidelines for Scientfic Paper/ Poster Presentations

Oral Presentation
  • Presentation should be on Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or a newer version.
  • Presenters should strictly adhere to the allotted time and not exceed it to avoid negative marking.
  • Only one person will be a presenter.
  • Maximum time- 6+2=8 minutes (presentation + Q & A)
Abstract Submission Format
  • All posters will be set in landscape style orientation (and all information (i.e. text, data, photos, and figures) must be designed to appear within one window/slide.
  • Save your PPT into PDF format.
  • E- Poster should be written ONLY in English language.
  • Poster Number (on the top left corner)
  • Title of the E-Poster (should be brief and match with the submitted abstract).
  • Times New Roman font should be used throughout the poster with such clarity that it could be read from a 1.5-meter distance. The title and subheadings should be written in bold. Italics should be avoided as it would be harder to read from a distance.
  • Please be considerate when using colors for the presentation, keep only 2-3 colors as this would be a formal scientific poster presentation. Please select background colors that contrast well with the font to allow easier reading of your text. Avoid backgrounds with bright or dark colors and full of texture as this will distract readers.
  • Make sure that any photographs or figures being used in the poster are of sufficient size so that they are visible, with a minimum 300-dpi resolution. 
  • The number of photographs should be limited to only those that are essential and relevant for the poster (preferably not exceeding 4-6 photos). Do not submit any photographs or pictures that are not relevant to the text, such as cartoon characters, etc.
  • Photographs for case report presentation should be of standard quality for all extra-oral/intra-oral photos and pre-treatment/post-treatment photos.
  • Radiographs view must be of good quality and have minimal distortion.
  • Graphs and tables should be well organized and the font used should be of a size that is easy to read.