Ph.D. Scholar

List of faculty who have completed Ph.D.

Sr. No. Name of the Students Specialization Title Date of Registration Name of Guide
1. Dr.Mahesh Shivaji Chavan Oral Medicine and Radiology “Biomonitoring of DNA Damage and Cytotoxicity to Kertainized Oral Mucous cells in Individual Exposed to Full Mouth IOPA Radiographs, Panoramic Dental Radiography and CT Scan for Maxilla and Mandible” 2011 2017 Dr. D.M.Sable
2. Dr. Kalyani Ashish Bhate Oral Surgery “Modifications in the existing Classification of Fractures of Middle Third of Facial Skeleton Due to Changes in Causative Factors, with the Help of Modern Investigative Modalities.” 2011 2018 Dr. Deepak G. Kulkarni
3. Dr. Gargi Sachin Sarode Oral Pathology & Microbiology Determination of Biomedance in Oral Potentially malignant lesions and oral squamous cell carcinoma 2011 2016 Dr. Meena Kulkarni
4. Dr. Sachin Chakradhar Sarode Oral Pathology & Microbiology Evaluation of cellular cannibalism in Oral squamous cell carcinoma with clinic- Pathological corellation. 2011 2016 Dr. Meena Kulkarni
5. Dr. Musarrat Jay Khatri Oral Pathology “Expression of Tryptase and Chymase Specific Mast Cells in Various Grades of Oral Submucours Fibrosis (OSF).” 2011 2017 Dr. Meena Kulkarni
6. Dr. Kheur Supriya Mohit Oral Pathology “Assessment of relationship between Herpes virus & P.gingivalis in HIV-1 seropositive patients with or without ART”. 2012 2018 Dr. Meena Kulkarni
7. Dr. Kheur Mohit Gurunath Prosthodontics and Crown and Bridge Enhsncement of colour stability of maxillofacial silicones by development of stabilized elastomers and colour stable pogments 2012 2017 Dr. Dilip M Kakade
8. Dr.Aneesha Acharya Periodontology Molecular analysis of oral microbial communities in three Asian cohorts: links to periodontal ,periimplant and systemic inflammatory status. 2013 2017 Dr.Nikos Mattheos
9. Dr. Diwan Nikhil Nagesh Oral Medicine and Radiology Evaluation of the role of salivary transcriptome as a diagnostic aid in oral precancer (homogenous leukoplakia) & oral cancer 2012 2017 Dr. D.M.Sable
10. Dr. Shete Anagha Vishweshwar Oral Medicine and Radiology Evaluation of the efficacy of ozone therapy against conventional corticosteroids for the management of oral lichen planus 2012 2017 Dr. D.M.Sable
11. Dr. Jamkhande Amol Shivling Public Health Dentistry Evaluating change in oral health after integrating dental information in school & meeting dental needs of 2nd, 4th & 6th Standard students: A two year follow up study 2012 2017 Dr. J. S. Bhawalkar
12. Dr. Shetty Pradeep Conservative Dentistry Effect of Diabetes Mellitus (Type II) on inflammation and structural components of dental pulp 2012 2017 Dr. Sanjyot Mulay
13. Dr.G.Gopalkrishnan Periodontology Determining The Prognosis Of Periodontally Diseased Molars Using The Miller-McEntire Prognostic Scoring Index – A Prospective Study" - 2013 2017 Dr. P. D. Miller, USA
14. Dr. Milanjeet Kaur Raizada Oral Medicine & Radiology Clinical assessment of efficacy of omega 3 in oral submucous fibrosis patients treated with Intralesional steroid and hyalurolidase therapy – A randomized controlled trial. 2015 2020 Dr. D. M. Sable
15. Dr. Choudhari Sheetal Shantanu Oral Pathology Study of expression of factor XIIIa, Matrix metalloproteinase-9 and vasoactive endothelial growth factor in oral submucous fibrosis 2012 2017 Dr. Deepak Kulkarni

List of ongoing Ph.D. research proposal by faculty

Sr. No. Name of the Student Specialization Title Date of Registration Name of Guide
1. Dr. Kamtane Smita Ashok Oral Medicine and Radiology Correlation of severity of tempromandbular disorders (TMD) with radiographic changes seen in CBCT and comparative evaluation of patients with TMD undergoing low level laser therapy and therapeutic ultrasound – A clinic radiographic study 2012 2017 Dr. D.M.Sable
2. Dr. Shetty Sharathkumar Periodontology “Evaluation of ridge augmentation with cortico-cancellous allogenic block grafts in human anterior atrophic maxilla: A histologic and radiographic study.” 2012 2017 Dr. D. Gopalakrishnan
3. Dr. Mamatha G.S. Oral Pathology & Microbiology Evaluation of the expression of Interleukin 13 (IL-13) – CC chemokine Ligand 2 (CCL2) and its correlation with the expression of Transforming Growth Factor B1 (TGF B1) and alpha Smooth, Muscle Actin (a-SMA) in Oral Submucous Fi Fibrosis (OSMF) – an immunohistochemical study, 2015 2020 Dr.Sachin Sarode
4. Dr. Deepali Yogesh Patekar Oral Pathology & Microbiology Expression of Cyclin D1 and Nuclear Factor kB(NFkB)p65 in tissues of oral submucuous fibrosis, oral squamous cell carcinoma with oral submucuous fibrosis and oral squamous cell carcinoma without oral submucuous fibrosis: an Immunohistochemistry study 2015 2020
5. Dr. Pallavi Prakash Channe Oral Medicine & Radiology Comparative evaluation of efficacy of different medicinal treatment modalities in the management of Oral Sub-Mucous Fibrosis. 2015 2020 Dr. Digamber M. Sabale
6. Dr. Rahul Kathariya Periodontology “ Comparative evaluation of Effect of Non Surgical Periodontal therapy on GFC and Serum level of Adipolin in Periodontally Healthy subjects and Chronic Periodontitis patients with and without Obesity: A Clinico – Biochemical study. 2015 2020 Dr. D. Gopalakrishnan
7. Dr. Priya Bansidhar Patil Prosthodontics Developing new metal alloy and evaluating it with commonly used metal alloys for vertical marginal accuracy of casting made with Ringless casting technique: in vitro study. 2015 2020 Dr. Dilip M. Kakade
8. Dr. Nikhil Pramod Joshi Prosthodontics (Formulation and evaluation of a novel material for dental implants.) Modified on 18/5/2016 as “ Formulation and evaluation of a polymer based novel material for dental implants. 2015 2020 Dr. Dilip M. Kakade
9. Dr Omkar Dattatraya Balsaraf Conservative Dentistry Assessment of Chitosan Nanoparticle in Endodontic Irrigants, Intracanal Medicaments, Endodontic Sealers and Biomaterials. 2016 2021 Dr Sanjyot Mulay
10. Dr. Yashwant Chandar Ingle Oral Pathology & Microbiology Study of minor salivary gland fibrosis and salivary flow rate with their effect on burning sensation and epithelial atrophy in oral submuous fibrosis with therapeutic intervention using natural salivary substitute 2016 2021 Dr.Sachin Sarode