As human beings have evolved so has evolved the scientific knowledge of disease processes. Also there has been continuous evolution in the treatment strategies. A perfect diagnosis is a pre requisite for perfect treatment plan.

OMR is a super specialty which encompasses two diverse fields

1. Oral Medicine & Diagnosis

2. Oral & Maxillofacial Imaging

  • a. Oral Medicine and Diagnosis.
  • b. Diagnosis of routine Dental Diseases
  • c. Diagnosis and management of complex diagnostic and Medical disorders affecting the mouth and the jaws.
  • d. Management of Oral Mucosal Disease, Salivary Gland Diseases, TMJ Problems Facial pain syndromes.
  • e. Provides dental treatment for patient with complicating medical diseases.
  • f. Management of soft tissue lesions using LASERS

Traditionally, soft tissue lesions are treated using conventional methods of surgery. This involves bleeding pain prolonged operative time and hence increased anxiety. With the advent of LASERS the management has become simpler overcoming the earlier drawbacks.

Oral Medicine and Diagnosis is the MOTHER of dentistry. Appropriate clinical examination of the patient on the whole, not only his dental status but also careful evaluation of his medical status is done.This help the patient to be aware of impending medical disorders and also helps the Physicians to enable better medical care. Many oral diseases have systemic manifestations and many systemic diseases have oral lesions as the first manifestations Hence,

TheOral physician is the important link between the patient and the appropriate medical specialist.

The role of Oral physiciantraditionally being underplayed because of the lack of knowledge amongst the medical fraternity. But with the changing times, we see more interactions and subsequent exchange of knowledge between the Dentists and the MedicalFraternity. This has lead to better referrals and consultations, and eventually better oral and Medical care to our patients Thus Oral physicians role assumes great importance.

“OMR is the only Clinical branch in Dentistry where a student is taught to Formulate a TREATMENT PLAN of the complete oral condition keeping in mind the medical status of the patient.’’

2.Oral and Maxillofacial Imaging includes the following:

a.Conventional Radiology including IOPA, Bitewing, occlusal views.


SKULL views.

c. Advanced Imaging includes:


Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology is the FATHER of DENTISTRY.”

Clinical examination has some short falls Areas which can not be visualized by the naked eye or cannot be evaluated physically need additional investigations.This is second branch in our field.

Oral physicians advise certain relevant Medical Investigations. He/she also carries out certain Diagnostic imaging procedures without which there is inadequateDiagnosis and hence, the treatment would not be possible.

And finally, the most important of all, the Oral Physicians are best suited to decide and provide appropriate Dental treatment to the medically compromised patients and the patients with special care needs.

Hence,a good, functional department of Oral Medicine And Radiology is well Equipped to carry out all Dental Procedures.



a. Oral mucosal lesions

b. TMJ Disorders

c. Neuralgias/ Facial pain

d. Salivary gland diseases

e. Other Oro dental diseases

The above Involves;

TOPICAL, INTRALESIONAL and SYSTEMIC USE OF medication, SURGICAL BIOPSIES (excisional and incisional,FNAC,FNAB) are also done.

2. Newer treatment modality like LASER is being used to treat soft tissue lesions more effectively than the conventional surgical approaches.


Complete dental treatment of Medically Compromised patients and patients of special care needs.

This involves providing all the basic dental treatment to the above patients keeping in mind their physical. Medical and behavioral status and needs.

Periodic post treatment monitoring of al dental patients with reference to past dental disease treatment outcome and future prognosis.





a. PA views, AP views (skull/ mandible), LATERAL SKULL views, TMJ views (Transcranial, Transpharynegeal, Transorabital), PANORAMIC view (MAXILLA and MANDIBLE, MAXILLARY SINUS, TMJ views),SIALOGRAPHY.


Daily OPD per day 300
Various procedures carried out Diagnosis and appropriate referral for all OPD patients
Intraoral and extraoral conventional and digital radiography
Cytology and Biopsy of precancerous lesions and soft tissue tumors
Management of soft tissue lesions including precancerous entities
Special Equipment for Research Digital OPG machine
Whole body X-ray unit
CBCT unit
Ozonator unit

Faculty of Oral Medicine & Radiology

Sr.No. Name of the Staff Qualification Designation Total Experience
1 Dr.Vikram Khare MDS Prof. & HOD 20 yrs 7 m
2 Dr.Anuj P. Maini MDS Professor 12 yrs 4 m
3 Dr.Mahesh Chavan MDS, Ph.D Reader 10 yrs 3 m
4 Dr.Pallavi Channe MDS Reader 6 yrs 10 m
5 Dr.Ashwini Jadhav MDS Reader 6 yrs 4 m
6 Dr.Suhas Pande MDS Lecturer 4 yrs 8 m
7 Dr.Santoshkumar Mastud MDS Lecturer 4 yrs 5 m
8 Dr.Harshada Inamdar MDS Lecturer 3 yrs 8 m
9 Dr.Girija Kunjir MDS Lecturer 3 yrs 8 m
10 Dr.Rachna Sinha BDS Tutor 8 m
11 Dr.Vishnupriya Murugesan BDS Tutor 7 m

Staff Achievements

Sr. No. Name of the Staff Name of Programme / Event Venue & Date Achievement
Dr. Mahesh Chavan Long term explant culture for harvesting homogeneous population of human dental pulp stem cells. during the 2nd World Congress of Growth Factors and Stem Cells in Dentistry 25-26th October, 2018
Loni, Ahmednagar
First Prize Poster presentation
Dr.Mahesh Chavan Guest Lecture On 'Fighting Against Oral Cancer-Role Of Dental Practisioners' ( Organised By IDA, Pimpri Chinchwad) Dr. D.Y.Patil Dental College, Pimpri, Pune, 6th Feb 2018 Guest Speaker
Dr.Anuj paul MSDC Conference, Pimpri, Pune 8th-9th dec 2017 Chairperson
Dr.D.M.Sable MSDC Conference, Pimpri, Pune 8th-9th dec 2017 Chairperson
Dr.Mahesh Chavan MSDC Conference, Pimpri, Pune 8th-9th dec 2017 Chairperson
Dr.Pallavi Channe MSDC Conference, Pimpri, Pune 8th-9th dec 2017 Chairperson
Dr.SuhasPande MSDC Conference, Pimpri, Pune 8th-9th dec 2017 Chairperson
Dr.Girija Kunjir MSDC Conference, Pimpri, Pune 8th-9th dec 2017 Chairperson
Dr.Harshada Inamdar MSDC Conference, Pimpri, Pune 8th-9th dec 2017 Chairperson
Dr.Suhas Pande Guest Lecture On 'Diagnosis & Management Of Common, Uncommon Oral Lesions.
Cbct- Overview'
Ida Nandurbar, 19th Nov 2017 Guest Speaker
Dr.Vikram Khare Guest Lecture On 'Lasers In Dentistry" Pravra Institute Of Dental Sciences, Loni, 29th Nov 2017 Guest Speaker
Dr.Vikram Khare Guest Lecture On 'Lasers In Dentistry" At National Iaomr Students Convention Navi Mumbai Held At Ymt Dental College Yerla, 15th Sept 2017 Guest Speaker
Dr.Vikram Khare National Iaomr Students Convention Navi Mumbai Held At Ymt Dental College Yerla 15th September 2017 Chairperson
Dr.Mahesh Chavan Biomonitoring of DNA damage and cytotoxicity to keratinized oral mucosal cellsin individuals exposed to full mouth IOPA radiograph,panoramic dental radiographyand ct sacn for maxilla and mandible Dr. D.Y.Patil university, pimpri, pune, 4th Aug 2017 Awarded Ph.D. Degree
Dr.Vikram Khare Guest Lecture On 'Lasers In Dentistry" Institute Of Dental Sciences Siksha O Anusandhan University, Bhubaneshwar, 1st July 2017 Guest Speaker
Dr.Anuj Paul Maini Guest Lecture On 'Screen-Detect-Diagnose-Oral Precancer In Dental Practice' Ida Patiala, 19th Feb 2017 Guest Speaker
Dr.Vikram Khare Guest Lecture On 'Lasers In Dentistry" Seema Dental College,Uttarkand
On 16th April 2016
Guest Speaker
Dr.Suhas Pande Guest Lecture On 'Orofacial Pain' Ida, Washim On 11th Oct 2015 Guest Speaker
Dr.Pallavi Channe Ident( Ida Pimpri Chinchwad) Conference Aug-15 Chairperson
Dr.Anuj paul Surendera Dental College and Research Institute, Sri GangaNagar (Rajasthan) 28th Feb 2015 Chairperson
Dr.Mahesh Chavan Guest Lecture On 'Cbct In Dentistry' Msdc, Pimpri, Pune Guest Speaker
Dr.D M Sable Guest Lecture On 'Cbct In Dentistry' Msdc, Pimpri, Pune Guest Speaker
Dr.Vikram Khare Workshop on 'lasers in dentistry', 9th Dec 2015 IAOMR National conference,hyderbad, Conducted a pre conference workshop
Dr Mahesh Chavan
Workshop on 'CBCT', 8th dec 2017 MSDC, pimpri,pune Conducted a pre conference workshop
Dr.Vikram Khare 9th Sola National Conference Mgdch Chairperson
Dr.Vikram Khare 27th National IAOMR Conference, Manglore 21st-23rd nov 2014 Chairperson
Dr.Pallavi Channe Ident (Ida Pimpri Chinchwad) Conference August 2014 Chairperson
Dr.Vikram Khare 28th National IAOMR Conference, Hyderabad 26th-27th July 2014 Chairperson