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Accredited (3rd Cycle) by NAAC with a CGPA of
3.64 on four point scale at ‘A++’ Grade
Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune
(Deemed To Be University)
Dr. D. Y. Patil Dental College & Hospital
Sant Tukaram Nagar, Pimpri, Pune-411018

Student Research Project

  Topic Student Name Year Status Amount Funding body
1 Clinical and radiographic assessment of alveolar bone after dental extraction in patients with or without Vitamin D deficiency. Alisha Bhamani (Intern) ( Co - Dr.Kumar Ankit ) 2020-21 Ongoing 5,000/- DPU
2 A Comparative study showing the effect four different commercially available toothpastes on hardness, brittleness and dissolution of enamel in primary teeth.  Neha Patel (IIBDS) (Co-Lalit Patil 2020-21 Ongoing 5,000/- DPU
3 Effect of alcoholic and aqueous extracts of menthe arvensis on oral microbial pathogens Piyush Kale (I Year) Co-Dr.Archana Gupta Second Guide Dr.Shalini Aggarwal 2020-21 Ongoing 5,000/- DPU
4 Assessment of perception toward electronic learning among undergraduate students in a healthcare university in PImpri,Pune-A cross sectional web based survey Sakshi Bhude (III year) Co-Dr.Arundita Dutta 2020-21 Completed 5,000/- DPU
5 Comparison of dissemination of acrosol and splatter during ultrasonic scaling using different masks: A pilot study. Mrunmayee Soman ( III years) Co- Dr.Samidha 2020-21 Ongoing 5,000/- DPU
6 Evaluating the efficacy of chanting hanuman mantra & Beej Mantra in the quarantined Covid-19 patients. Abhirami P ( III Year) Co-Dr.Lakshmi Shetty 2020-21 Completed 5,000/- DPU
7 Knowledge, attitude and awareness about covid-19 vaccines among dental students Bhakti Bande (Intern) Co-Dr.Supriya Kheur 2020-21 Ongoing 5,000/- DPU
8 Assessment of periodontal health in area nut chewers reporting to a dental institute in Pune Neha Poossery (Intern) Dr.Ruttika Desai 2020-21 Ongoing 5,000/- DPU
9 Evaluation of the anti-oxidant property of glycyrrhiza glabra extract Tania Abreo ( I year) Co- Dr.Vaibhav Ladke 2020-21 Ongoing 5,000/- DPU
10 To evaluate and identify patients with sjogren’s syndrome based on their chief complaints and symptoms, questionnaire and objective tests in a heterogenous hospital population. Shreeya Devadhar II year Co- Dr.Shwetha Shetty  Second Guide Dr.Bhagryshree Dange 2020-21 Ongoing 5,000/- DPU
11 Effect of binaural audio-visual distraction aid in combination with nitrous oxide inhalation sedation (NIOS) on the behavior during local anaesthesia (L.A) administration in children Dr.Nilesh Rathi 2022-23 Ongoing 50,000/- DPU
12 Are we neglecting the psychological pandemic amidst covid 19 ? A questionnaire study on social anxiety among dental students and staff of Dental college. Dr. Monika srivastav 2022-23 Ongoing 10,000/- DPU
13 The Immunomodulatory effect of aqueous extract of simarouba glauca with respect to phenotype and functionality of exhausted CD+T Lymphocytes. Dr.Mamtha Reddy 2022-23 Ongoing 1,85,000/- DPU
14 Comparative evaluation of conventional cutting diathermy and bipolar scissor assisted reconstruction, while raising pectoralis major myocutaneous flap surgery – In vivo study Dr.Shrutika Salunkhe 2023-24 Ongoing 70,000/- DPU
15 To evaluate the presence of nicotine in the commercially available toothpaste Dr.Humeera Mulla 2023-24 Ongoing 2,45,000/- DPU
16 Evaluation of gucose transporter-1 (GLUTI) and sodium glucose co transporter -1 (SGLTI) expression in oral squamous cell carcinoma Dr.Rahul Mohandas 2023-24 Ongoing 2,95,000/- DPU
17 Impact of educational intervention on the knowledge of COTPA laws among interns in a tertiary Dental Hospital Setting, Pune : An Interventional study. Dr.Subhashree Mohapatra 2023-24 Ongoing 4,200/- DPU
18 Evaluation & Comparison of change in pharyngeal airway volume in patients affected with oral submucous fibrosis after intervention using polysomnography and CBCT – an experimental study Dr.Snehal Jagtap 2023-24 Ongoing 2,50,000/- DPU
19 Reconstruction of oral mucosal defect with ex vivo produced oral mucosa equivalent (EVPOME) – an in vitro pilot study. Dr.Yash Merchant 2023-24 Ongoing 4,00,00/- DPU
20 Parental perceptions and practices towards nutrition labeling and food packaging of commonly consumed packaged food among children Dr.Mehal Bulani III BDS  Guide -AnmolMathur 2023-24 Ongoing 5,000/- DPU
21 Comparative evaluation of postoperative instructions with and without audio visual mode in operated maxillofacial trauma patients Dr.Vidya Nair II BDS Dr.Lakshmi Shetty 2023-24 Ongoing 5,000/- DPU
22 Comparative evaluation of the antibacterial activity of Ethanolic, aqueous and Hydroethanolic extracts of black mulberry ( Morus nigra) fruit against streptococcus mutans : An in- vitro study Dr.Prasad Chintaman II BDS Dr.Subhashree M 2023-24 Ongoing 5,000/- DPU
23 Comparative evaluation of the antibacterial activity of aqueous, Ethanolic and Hydroethanolic extracts of piper Nigrum ( Black pepper) against streptococcus mutans : An in vitro study. Dr.Mayra Kalra II BDS Dr.Rahul Mohandas 2023-24 Ongoing 5,000/- DPU
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