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Accredited (3rd Cycle) by NAAC with a CGPA of
3.64 on four point scale at ‘A++’ Grade


Aneshaa Bhatnagar

The learning experience at Dr. DY Patil Dental College has been one of a kind. The college has amazing infrastructure and the best, most qualified faculty. We are provided with student-teacher mentors who would help us with anything we need. We have access to two libraries (Dental as well as Medical). The college adheres to strict rules of the anti-ragging committee. Seniors here are helpful and they will guide you in your studies as well. We are provided with great exposure as the college promotes academic as well as cultural events. The on-campus hostel provides all sorts of amenities, comfort, and freedom. There are study rooms in the hostel building. The campus has all sorts of equipment for sports and the gym. We have everything we need on campus, or nearby. The living on-campus experience has been wonderful and with great security and safety.

1st year BDS, Noida


Niharika Agarwal

My experience at Dr. DY Patil Dental College has been wonderful till now. I have learned a lot, not just academically but in all other aspects of career development. Faculty members have been supportive throughout the year. Their all-time support and motivation have enlightened me throughout this journey. The college has done a splendid job by inculcating the ability in me to learn and build the strong foundational knowledge provided by them. The atmosphere here is pleasant and welcoming to students from different cultures. I have great classmates from different states and enjoy our time together. Worth mentioning is the infrastructure of the college which gives me a refreshing feeling every day. The classrooms are very spacious with all the latest technologies which make learning easy and interesting.

1st year BDS, Siliguri, West Bengal


Karan Rawal

My overall experience in this college has been amazing to date. The people here are friendly and seniors are super interactive. The faculty is very helpful. You can talk to them about anything and they'll surely help you out with the work. The infrastructure is nice. Patient inflow is pretty good. The quality of food provided in the mess is also good.

1st year BDS, Haryana


Snigdha Mallick

Hello and Welcome to DPU dental college. I’m from Delhi and this is my first time away from home. DPU has become my family now. This college has every facility and amenities required to pursue my dreams and career. The things which are more appreciable about this college are the library resources, teachers, mentors, staff, e-learning content, sports facilities, and auditorium. In-campus hostel facility is available for both boys and girls. The hostel where I live is better than I had expected it to be. The quick problem-solving ability and comfort enable me to confirm that it’s the best hostel in the country. My overall experience here at DPU has been wonderful and I look forward to having more of these experiences.

2nd year BDS, New Delhi.


Nayana Parashar

I have been studying at Dr. DY Patil Dental College for two years and I'm extremely satisfied with the college faculty and their way of teaching. Our college provides a well-lit library which contains almost every study material that one needs. The college provides immense opportunities for research and extracurricular activities. Being a hostelite, I'm provided with every basic facility that includes three-time meals and room cleaning staff. The college has given us access to an ERP system that allows students to speak about any issue that they are facing to which their response is really quick. This application provided by our college is greatly helpful for students as well as faculties for planning and organizing activities. The mentor-mentee program also helps us to deal with any academic-related difficulties. Belonging to a different state and culture, I never felt like an outsider in Pune. The crowd is extremely welcoming and supportive.

2nd year BDS, Assam


Danis Maibram

As a student studying at DPU Dental College who is not a local, I had been a bit worried at first, but the amount of support the staff and mentors provided made me feel very welcomed and safe. Also, the environment of the hostel and campus is good with quite a good living space and good security. All in all, DPU Dental College is a great place for us to study and gain knowledge in a peaceful environment.

2nd year BDS, Manipur


Esraa Abusaad

Living and thriving (or at least trying to) in a different culture and new environment could be a task but it has been pretty convenient here at Dr. DY Patil Dental College. From the native roommates to the university’s staff to the local community, everyone has been incredibly friendly, helpful, and hospitable. You’d often think of the language barrier being a drawback but the positive energy and willingness of the people who help you through it all is quite appreciable. Although a fair stretch from the comfort zone has been a part of it, the experience so far has been wonderful. The teachers, who have always been there to encourage one’s self-awareness and independence towards the work taught, are most definitely the highlight. This place has indeed, been a gratifying addition to the experience of life in India.

2nd year BDS, Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh


Trishita Banerjee

My experience at DPU dental college has been spectacular. It's been four years and I've learnt a lot from this college. The college has amplified my academic background and has made me a well-fortified person. It has also helped me broaden my extracurricular aspects and the staff and faculty members have been supportive and encouraging throughout this amazing journey. Apart from this, you get to learn a lot and grow as a person here. I've gained a lot of knowledge and experience which has shaped me into a confident person and I'm thankful for that.

4th year BDS, Siliguri, West Bengal


Aashna Naik

I came to Pune in August 2019 to pursue Bachelor in Dental Surgery from Dr. DY Patil Dental College and Hospital. It was my first time staying away from home but it felt nothing less like home. The atmosphere is very welcoming in the hostel. The hostel rooms are spacious and all facilities are provided, including a study area, a beautiful garden, a sitting area, and an indoor gym. Proper sanitation protocol is followed by the workers. Speaking about college, the infrastructure is the best that I have seen. Professors here are very helpful and they will guide you if you are sincere and regular with your studies. The coordination between the departments is very efficient.

4th year BDS, Goa


Harshvardhan Amarshikha

Studying at Dr. DY Patil Dental College was my dream. On receiving the acceptance letter from the college, I felt extremely happy. A new phase of my life was about to begin. Settling in Pune was tough initially. My major concerns were the difference in language, culture, and mindset of the people in a new city, but with the support of my friends and other people on campus, things started getting comfortable eventually. My experience in this college has been wonderful till now. It's been three years since I joined the college and I have learnt a lot. The teaching faculty here is supportive and environment of the college is very enthusiastic. Students get proper guidance and help from the faculty members. The college conducts sports and cultural events every year. Students in this college get exposure to a variety of curricular and extracurricular activities.

4th year BDS, Bihar


Muskaan Sachdev

I came to Dr. DY Patil Dental College in 2018 to pursue a career in dentistry. Over the past four years in this college, I have evolved a lot. The college played a major role in my journey from being a shy, introverted person to becoming an outspoken, confident, and extroverted personality. Every year, we have cultural, sports, and an annual event that motivates the students to express their skills and talents. When it comes to dentistry, innovative competitions are conducted in college throughout the year that includes poster presentations, debate competitions, quizzes, etc. The study and work environment does not feel stressful as teaching is dealt with, through a different approach. Students actively participate in presenting seminars, role-playing, live demonstrations, conducting oral health awareness camps, and educating the patients. Patient inflow is abundant. Students get to see and treat numerous patients throughout the year. My experience with hostel life has been amazing. The on-campus hostel is available for both boys and girls. Hostels are equipped with a fully-functional gym, mess service, and space for recreational activities. Apart from this, the college premise has security guards at multiple checkpoints for twenty-four hours. There are strict rules for entry and exit from the hostel. Parents are kept well-informed about the status of their children in the hostel as well as in college. You will find a variety of trees and plants scattered throughout the campus thus adding to nature’s beauty. I would recommend this college to someone who is looking for opportunities to grow as a person and excel in their career.

Intern, Mumbai, Maharashtra


Vani Singhal

I remember my first day at Dr. DY Patil Dental College. I was excited to start a new journey in my life, but also skeptical as to what to expect coming from a different city altogether. Eventually, all my doubts went away as I saw what this college has to offer me in terms of academics being of the utmost importance, the ease with which the faculty teaches, and being approachable at all times to guide us. The kind of exposure that college provides us by taking to various health camps has helped me grow personally as a student and a future dentist. The college campus has a separate basketball, volleyball, and lawn tennis court that help us to rejuvenate. As I come from a different city, I was looking forward to staying in a hostel. Here, the rooms are very spacious and clean, and there is twenty-four hours security provided with guards, rectors, and CCTV cameras. The hostel also has a mess that provides multi-cuisine. There is an air-conditioned dance room, a common room to watch television and play board games, and a gym as well. Hostels also have separate study areas that are equipped with study tables and are designed in such a way that gives privacy to every student. The hostel has a lush green garden with a scenic view. I have made many friends and memories in this college and it is something that I will always cherish in the future. I am happy with my decision of joining DPU as I will get to call myself a proud alumnus of this college.

Intern, Uttarakhand


Anaya Marndi

College life is considered to be a bridge between our school days and professional work life. It prepares us with the finest academic and practical skills that help shape our dreams into reality. Talking about my college life, I was really happy to get accepted at the renowned Dr. DY Patil Dental College & Hospital. When my admission letter came, I was filled with excitement and nervousness at the same time. The thought of leaving my hometown and living in a different state with strangers was scary. But in no time, I started enjoying my college life and made some good friends. I never felt like an outsider in our college because everyone was treated with the same amount of equality and respect. I thought that I would experience a language barrier while communicating with my patients, but I never faced such problems as they were very cooperative and understanding. The faculty here is well-trained and experienced. They guided and gave us the best education in every possible way. Without hesitation, I would like to say that our college gave equal importance to academics and extracurricular activities that kept me motivated throughout my stay in Pune. College life taught me how to maintain a balance between my personal and professional life. Currently working as an intern, I can proudly say that I am associated with Dr. DY Patil Dental College and Hospital.

Intern, Kolkata, West Bengal


Radhika Das

I was thrilled to get admission in Dr. DY Patil Dental College as I had heard it was one of the best colleges in terms of patient flow and infrastructure. Adjusting to the people here wasn't as difficult as I had imagined it to be. The staff and students were welcoming and approachable. I stayed in the hostel for two years. All amenities were right outside the college which made it very convenient for the students staying in the hostel. The college has an extensive one-week-long sports and cultural week that offers a wide variety of events that the students look forward to all year.

Intern, Chennai, Tamil Nadu


Mansi Rahurikar

I came here in 2018 my first time being a hosteller. DPU has been a home away from home in every sense. The hostels have always given a homely vibe with the great help of the warden and all the helping staff. The hostel provides great amenities and is well equipped with all the things. What is important is security which is at its best. My first-time hostel experience has been great and I would happily suggest the new students opt for it. The food the mess offers is good and hygienic and alongside that, there is always a variety to choose from. DPU has been a friendly and an amazing campus to be in.

Intern, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh