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Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery & Oral Implantology Academics & Research

Research Projects

Staff Projects Name of investigators Project title Status
1 Dr. Jayesh Rahalkar Patient’s Opinion and Orthodontist’s opinion of Factors affecting Patient’s choice of selecting Orthodontic Practices Ongoing
2 Dr. Chaitra Mastud Diagnosis and treatment outcome Evaluation of OSA using Customised intra-oral appliance in 9-13yrs pediatric patients with Class II Malocclusion” Ongoing
3 Dr. Sujata Yerawadekar Assessment of the level of difficulty of treatment of impacted maxillary canine using 3- dimensional cone beam computed tomography and 3- dimensional printing. Ongoing

PG Thesis

BATCH 2014-2017
1. Dr.Burhan Showkat To evaluate the changes in maxillary arch dimensions, posterior transverse interarch discrepancies (PTID) upper and lower incisor inclination in patient with and without adenoid/tonsillectomy Completed
2. Dr.Nirali Rathod Comparative evaluation of speed of orthodontic tooth movement with or without piezocision technique. In vitro study Completed
3. Dr.Shalaka Raurale Comparative evaluation of transverse discrepancies in different sagital malocclusions. In observational study Completed
4. Dr.Sheetal Kamble Establishment of norms of crown angulations and crown inclination in Maratha population Completed
5. Dr.Kedar Wani Establishment of norms for beta angle & yen angle in Maratha population & evaluation of their reliability in sagittal malocclusions from amongst selected population. A cephalometric study Completed
BATCH 2015-2018
1. Dr. Priti Yadav Comparative Evaluation of oral hygiene compliance in peri-urban population with or without mobile text message reminders Completed
2. Dr. Gaurav kalbande Comparative evaluation of accuracy of cephalometric measurements on manual tracings and a mobile application on a digital hand held device Completed
3. Dr. Jyoti chaudhary Comparitive evaluation of soft tissue variations in the dynamics of smile for different facial types using videography Completed
4. Dr. Karishma Mutha Formulation of an index system to assess the difficulty of treatment of impacted maxillary canines using 3D reconstructed cone beam computed tomography image and its correlation with KPG index Completed
5. Dr. Snehal Shirude Comparative evaluation of low intensity pulsed ultrasound on the rate of orthodontic tooth movement Completed
6. Dr. Suramya Shriranjani Evaluation of condylar cartilage activity in myofunctional appliance using MRI and ultrasound imaging-in vivo study Completed
BATCH 2016-2019
1. Dr. Vanita Bajaj Evaluation of cortical bone thickness and overlying soft tissue thickness at micro-implant placement sites in maxilla in three vertical skeletal patterns – CBCT study Completed
2. Dr.Mrunmayee Belsare Comparitive evaluation of upper lip strain in various skeletal growth patterns in treated unilateral cleft lip patients using ultrasound elastography – In vivo study Completed
3. Dr.Sweta Bhattacharya Guiding templates for microimplant placement in orthodontics – A systematic review Completed
4. Dr. Vaibhavi Sabnis Comparitive evaluation of intermolar angle, intermolar width and palatal vault morphology and volume in 3 vertical skeletal patterns – CBCT study. Completed
5. Dr. Akshay Sharma Finite element model analysis of stress distribution patterns in mandibular full arch distalization using retromolar microimplants with various force application vectors Completed
6. Dr. Nishigandha Shinde Evaluation of Soft tissue thickness in different vertical growth pattern Completed
BATCH 2017-2020
1. Dr.Monika Aswani Association of the functional occlusion scheme and temporomandibular joint sounds in various sagittal molar relationships: In vivo study. Completed
2. Dr. Ashvini Kulkarni Co-relation between cranial base and various sagittal jaw bases in Maratha Population- Cephalometric Study. Completed
3. Dr. Sanjam Oswal Comparative evaluation of the efficiency of en-masse retraction using temporary anchorage devices with and without bonding of the posterior teeth- In vivo study. Completed
4. Dr. Priyanka Chhutani Correlation between the severity of root resorption of adjacent teeth and level of difficulty of impacted canine – Cone-beam Computed Tomographic study. Completed
5. Dr. Vini Rughwani Comparison of Chin-throat anatomy using T-line in different Growth Patterns in Various Sagittal Malocclusion- Cephalometric Study. Completed
6. Dr. Amruta Sardeshpande Comparative evaluation of physical properties and antimicrobial effect of orthodontic primer and adhesive with and without addition of commercially available antimicrobial agent- In vitro study Completed
BATCH 2018-2021
1. Dr. Saurabh Ghuge Formulation of an index system to assess the difficulty of treatment of impacted maxillary canines using 3D reconstructed cone beam computed tomography image and its correlation with KPG index On going
2. Dr. Aman raj Comparison of chin throat anatomy in class 2 div 1 patients with retrognathic mandible before and after treatment by growth modulation. On going
3. Dr. Aanchal bisht Comparative evaluation of the thickness of the buccal shelf area for bone screw insertion in different growth patterns in local select population-Observational study. On going
4. Dr.Kishor Gunnam Comparative evaluation of efficacy of non-pharmacological methods of pain relieving modalities at the first stage of activation in patients undergoing orthodontic treatment In vivo study On going
5. Dr.Ashwathy Sukumaran Comparative evaluation of the thickness of the infra zygomatic crest for bone screw insertion in different growth pattern in local select population- An observational study On going
6. Dr.Roshalmaria Thomas Comparative evaluation of effects of commercially available topical antibiotic gel on stability of orthodontic micro implant- In vivo study On going
BATCH 2019-2022
1. Dr.Siddharth Jinturkar Evaluation of stress changes in the mandible with a fixed functional appliance :advansync : finite element study On going
2. Dr.Rachna Darak Comparison of skeletal, dentoalveolar and soft tissue changes in treatment of class 2 malocclusion with different fixed functional appliances- In vivo study On going
3. Dr.Shweta Dad Comparison of speech articulation performance between two orthodontic habit breaking appliances in patients with tongue thrusting habit- In vivo study On going
4. Dr.Neha Kumari Comparative evaluation of maxillary sinus volume and orthodontically assisted eruption time in patients with buccally impacted and highly placed canine before and after treatment – A CBCT study On going
5. Dr.Soumya Sabale Comparative evaluation of tongue pressure changes before during and after use of hyrax and tongue unit appliances On going
6. Dr.Prachi Kulkarni Comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of powered and manual tooth brushes on periodontal health and occurrence of white spot lesions during fixed orthodontic treatment – In vivo study On going
BATCH 2020-2023
1. Dr.Adnan Sarfaraz Khan Comparative evaluation of the bone regeneration of the midpalatal suture after rapid maxillary expansion with and without low level laser therapy: A CBCT study On going
2. Dr.Arundhati Das Effect of platelet rich plasma on the rate of orthodontic tooth movement and on the biomarkers present in gingival crevicular fluid- An In vivo study On going
3. Dr.Tharan Evaluation of difficulty level of impacted maxillary canine and comparison of alveolar bone and cortical bone thickness with contra-lateral canine after leveling- A CBCT study On going
4. Dr.Ashwini Poojari Comparative evaluation of the effects of conventional ligation brackets and self ligating brackets on salivary parameters during orthodontic treatment An In vivo study On going
5. Dr.Rushabh Shah Comparative evaluation of prediction of soft tissue profile changes in non-growing patients undergoing orthodontic treatment using two different cephalometric software programs. On going
6. Dr.Ankita Thosar Comparative evaluation of perioral muscle pressure in patients with class 2 division 1 malocclusion before, during and after growth modulation therapy. On going
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