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Accredited (3rd Cycle) by NAAC with a CGPA of
3.64 on four point scale at ‘A++’ Grade
Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune
(Deemed To Be University)
Dr. D. Y. Patil Dental College & Hospital
Sant Tukaram Nagar, Pimpri, Pune-411018

Department of Public Health Dentistry & Preventive Dentistry

List of Publications

  1. Sonawane Madhuri, Shetiya Sahana Hegde, Shirahatti Ravi, Agarwal Deepti ,Mahuli Simpy. Comparison of chewing ability, oral health related quality of life and nutritional status before and after insertion of complete denture amongst edentulous patients in a dental college of Pune. Ethiop J Health Sci. 2014:24:3Pubmed,Scopus
  2. Thakkar K,Hegde-Sehtiya S,Devadiga A,Agarwal D,Mahuli A.Change in knowledge, attitude and practice regarding oral cancer and screening practices through visual oral examination among medical officers of primary health centres in pune district, Maharashtra. “East African Journal of Public Health. 2014:11:1:697-03.
  3. Dr.S P Kakade,S H Shetiya,P Kakodkar,D Agarwal.Periodontal status of type I diabetics compared to non-diabetic participants: a preliminary study. Ceylon Medical Journal 2014:59:1:19-20
  4. Machale P,S,Hegde-Shetiya Sahana, Shirahatti,Ravi Agarwal, Deepti. Assessment of non-cavitated and cavitated carious lesions among 12-15 years old government and private school children in Pune, Maharashtra, India Oral Health and Preventive Dentistry 2014:2:117-24(web edition of this journal)
  1. Dr.Ravi Shirahatti,Dr.Sahana Hegde-Shetiya, Review of Research designs and statistical methods employed in dental post graduate Dissertations" Indian Journal of Dental Research,2015:26(4):327-34.,Scopus,pubmed
  2. Kamal Shigli, PradnyaKakodkar et al. Perception and Knowledge of dental interns towards interdepartmental co-ordination for successful prosthodontic treatment: A pilot study. J Indian ProsthodontSoc 2015;15: 115-121.,Pubmed
  3. PradnyaKakodkar,Chandan Kumar,Matsyapall,Nikita Ratnani,Rohit Agarwal, Anganwadi workers as Oral Health Guides: An Interventional Study. Journal of Dental Research and Scientific Development 2015:2,2:33-37.Google Scholar
  4. Ladusingh Rajpurohit, Nishant Mehta1, Anil V. Ankola2,Akshata Gadiyar2,Evaluation of the anti‑microbial activity of various concentration of wheat grass (Triticum aestivum) extract against Gram‑positive bacteria: An in vitro study,Journal of Dental Research and Review,2015:2(2):70-72Google Scholar
  5. Preethi Kusugal, Zarir Ruttonji, Roopa Gowda1, Ladusingh Rajpurohit2, Pritam Lad,Three‑dimensional facial analyses of Indian and Malaysian women, Contemporary Clinical Dentistry,Jul-Sep 2015:6(3)332-36.,Pubmed
  6. Sushil Phansopkar, Sahana Hegde-Shetiya, Deepti Agrawal,Face and Content Validation of Caries Assessment Spectrum and Treatment Index among Few Subject Matter Experts in India, International Journal of Dental Health Concerns, Jan -april 2015:1(1)13-18,Google Scholar
  1. PriyamkaMachale,SahanaHegde-Shetiya,PradnyaKakodkar,RaviShirahatti,Deepti Agarwal, Effect of using an intra‑oral camera as a reinforcement tool for plaque control in a supervised tooth brushing program: An interventional study Journal of Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry, jan-july:2016: 14(2)110-15.,Google Scholar
  2. SushilPhansopkar,ArishkaD,SahanaHegde-Shetiya,AmitMahuli,SimpyMahuli, Assessment of knowledge, attitude and practice regarding electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) amongst its users in Pune city. And chemical analysis of the three different E-cigarette cartridges. Journal of Dental Research and Scientific Devlopment,June2016:3(2)12-18 ,Google Scholar
  3. Suyog Savant,Sahana Hegde-Shetiya,Ravi Shirahatti,Deepti Agarwal,Cultural Competency amongst General Dental Practitioners in Mumbai – A KAP study,Juornal of Ahmadabad Dental, August 2016:
  4. Sahana Hegde-Shetiya,Amendment of the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945, Journal of Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry | Published by Wolters Kluwer – Medknow, sept-201616(3)471.Google Scholar,UGC
  5. Kamal Shigli, Neha Agrawal1, Chandrasekharan Nair2, Suresh Sajjan3, Pradnya Kakodkar4, Mamata Hebbal,Use of PowerPoint presentation as a teaching tool for undergraduate students in the subject of gerodontology,The Journal of Indian Prosthodontic Society | Published by Wolters Kluwer – Medknow,2016,16,2,185-90.Pubmed
  6. Pradnya Kakodkar, Sushma Nayak,, Siddhi Hathiwala,Evaluating the effectiveness of mobile phone text messaging (short message service) as a reinforcement tool for improving the dental caries knowledge: An interventional study,Journal of Dental Research and Scientific Development,Jan-june 2016:3(1):2.Google Scholar
  7. Pradnya kakodkar,Swati V Patil ,Santosh KumarSN,The effect of short Yoga Intervention on the anxiety and comfort level of the dental patients repoting for extraction International scientific yoga journal SENSE,2016 dec, Vol-II Dec.Pg-1-5Google Scholar
  8. Karan Talreja, Ladusingh Rajpurohit, Pooja Thawani. Effect of Statutory and Pictorial Health Warning among People Consuming Tobacco Products in Pune City, India – A Questionnaire Study. JCHM., Aug-2016;3(2):80-84Google Scholar
  9. Nitin Gupta, Pushpanjali Krishnappa2, Inventory Analysis in a Private Dental Hospital in Bangalore, India, Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research., nov-2016,10(11)10-12Pubm
  10. Nitin Gupta,VaibhavGupta,Efficiency of mobile dental unit in public health programs, International Journal of Medical Research &Health Sciences, Aug.2016 5,714-180,Web of science, Google Scholar, NIH NLM,
  11. Saurabh P. Kakade1, Sahana Hegde-Shetiya2, Amit Vasant Mahuli3, Simpy Amit Mahuli3, Deepti Agrawal2,Assessment of Oral Health Status and Normative Treatment Needs of Residents of Nimbut Village, Pune, Maharashtra, India, International Journal of Dental Health Concerns,2016,2,1,1,-5,Google Scholar
  1. ShrutiLadia, Nitin Gupta,Effectiveness of Training Program Related to Infection Control and Waste Management Practices in a Private Dental College,Pune − A Quasi-Experimental Study.Journal of Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry,2017,15(1),4-7Google Scholar,Google Scholar,UGC
  2. Vaibhav Gupta, Nitin Gupta, Gargi S Sarode, Sachin C Sarode, ShankargoudaPatil, Assessment of Equipment Utilization and Maintenance Schedule at a Dental Institution in Bengaluru, India.World Journal of Dentistry 2017,8(2),Google Scholar
  3. Roshani MChawla Pranjan Mitra, Sahana H Shetiya, Deepti R Agarwal, D Satya Narayana, Nikhil Bomble Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Women in Slums of Pimpri, Chinchwad, Pune, Maharashtra, India, regarding Usage of Mishri,The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice,March 2017;Vol-;18,3Pg-218-221. Pubmed
  4. Nitin Gupta,LadusinghRajpurohit,Sushil Phansopkar,Deepti Agarwal,Pradnya Kakodkar, SahanaHegde‑Shetiya,Effectiveness of Prevention‑oriented School Oral Health Program in aPrivate School in Pimpri, Pune,Journal of Dental Research and Review | January-March 2017Volume 4 | Issue 1 |Pg-21-24 Indexed,Google Scholar
  5. RoshaniMChawla, Sahana H Shetiya, Deepti R Agarwal, Pranjan Mitra, Nikhil A Bomble, D Satya Narayana Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Pregnant Women regarding Oral Health Status and Treatment Needs following Oral Health Education in Pune District of Maharashtra: A Longitudinal Hospital-based Study,The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice, May 2017 Vol-;18,5Pg-371-377,Pubmed
  6. Deepika Dagar,Pradnya Kakodkar, Dr.Sahana hegde-Shetiya,Dr.Sushil Phansopkar,Dr.Khushboo thakkar, Fruit Hookah,Journal of Dental Research and Review,2017,4,55 ,Google Scholar
  7. Dr.Sahana Hegde-Shetiya1, Dr. Abhishek Kumbhalwar2, Dr.Pradnya Kakodkar 3Dr. L Rajpurohit4 ,Comparative assessment of Knowledge, Attitude, Practice regarding sustainable development amongst Under Graduate and Post Graduate students of Dentistry in Pune city, The Research Journal (TRJ): A Unit Of I2or,2017,3,1,51-56,Google Scholar
  8. Saurabh P. Kakade,SahanaHegde‑Shetiya,Ravi V. Shirahatti ,Deepti Agrawal,Amit Mahuli,Simpy mahuli ,Dental Care Utilization Pattern and Barriers Encountered Toward Seeking Oral Health Care Services among the Residents of Nimbut Village,Maharashtra, India,Journal of Dental Research and Review ,2017,4,3,63-66,Google Scholar
  9. Dr.Shruti Nair,Dr.Pradnya Kakodkar ,Dr.Sahana Hegde-Shetiya ,The Early Childhood Oral Health Impact Scale (ECOHIS-Marathi,Journal of Dental Research and Review ,2017,4,4,114-15,Google Scholar
  10. Dr. Pradnya Kakodkar,Editorial,Scenarios for Problem‑solving Activity for the Postgraduate Students of Public Health Dentistry,Journal of Dental Research Review,2017,4,1,2,-3,Google Scholar
  11. Dr. Pradnya Kakodkar,Editorial,A Tribute to Dr. Abhay Bang,Journal of Dental Research and Scientific Development,2017,4,3,57,Google Scholar
  12. Dr Akshatha Gadiyar, Dr Anil V Ankola, Dr Ladusingh RajpurohitEvaluation of the Antimicrobial Activity of Ocimum Sanctum L. (Tulsi) Extract Against Streptococcus Mutans and Lactobacillus Acidophilus – An in Vitro Study Journal of Health Sciences and Research (IJHSR) (April 2017),Vol. 7; Issue: 4,Pg-224-28,Google Scholar
  13. Sushmita Deshpande, Ladusingh Rajpurohit, Vivian Varghese Kokka1, Effectiveness of Braille and audio‑tactile performance technique for improving oral hygiene status of visually impaired adolescents,Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology, 2017, 21, 1, 27-31,Pubmed
  1. Pranav Pramod Shinde, Sahana Hegde Shetiya, Deepti Agarwal, Anmol Mathur Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice about Infant OralHygiene Care among Indian Professional Working Mothers:A Questionnaire Study,,Journal of Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry ,2018,16,1,58-61Google Scholar
  2. Shruti Nair, Pradnya Kakodkar, Sahana Hegde Shetiya, Ladusingh Rajpurohit, Sonal Kale,Impact of Different Levels of Caries Experience on the Qualityof Life of Preschool Children and Their Families in Pimpri,Pune: A Cross‑Sectional Study,Journal of Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry ,2018,16,3,193-97,Google Scholar
  3. Pranav PramodShinde, Sahana Hegde Shetiya, Deepti Agarwal, Anmol Mathur ,Perceptions and Attitudes among Interns of Dental Collegesin Pune District toward Community Outreach Program:A Qualitative Study,Journal of Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry 2018,16,3,236-41Google Scholar
  4. Vini Mehta, Sahana Hegde Shetiya, Pradnya Kakodkar, Chandrashekar Janakiram,Suliankatchi Abdulkader Rizwan,Efficacy of herbal dentifrice on the prevention of plaque and gingivitis as compared to conventional dentifrice:A systematic review and meta‑analysis,Journal of Indian Society of Periodontolog,2018,22,5,Scopus,Pubmed
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    Neha Gupta, Diljot Kaur Makkar , Manu Batra , Deeksha Gijwani ,Route of Drug Abuse and Its Impact on Oral Health-Related Quality of Life among Drug Addicts,Addict Health, Summer 2018,10,3,148-54,Pubmed
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  15. Sonal Sadashiv Kale ,Pradnya Kakodkar ,Sahana Hegde Shetiya ,Assessment of oral findings of dental patientswho screen high and no risk for obstructive sleepapnea (OSA) reporting to a dental college – Across sectional study ,Sleep Science,2018,11,2,112-117,Pubmed
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  2. Dr. Vikram Pal Aggarwal1*, Dr. Niharika Goyal2 , Dr Manu Batra3 , Dr Anmol Mathur4 , Dr Aditi Mathur5,Relationship of Dexterity with Dental Caries among Subjects Having Whorl Pattern: A Dermatoglyphic Study, ARC Journal Of Dental Science,2019,4,2,1.-5
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  7. Priti Dargad, Dr.Sahana Hegde-Shetiya, An in-vitro comparative evaluation of antibacterial activity of white tea extract with chlorhexidine (0.2%) on Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans, Porphyromonasgingivalis and Tannerella forsythia byAntimicrobial Susceptibility Testing,Drug Invention Today (,2020,13,3,77-80,Scopus
  8. Dipika Dagar ,Pradnya Kakodkar, Sahana Hegde Shetiya, Clinical significance vs statistical significance of chlorhexidine mouthwash vs herbal mouthwash in gingivitis: A systematic review,Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development,2020,11,7,229-234,Scopus
  9. Dipika Dagar ,Pradnya Kakodkar, Sahana Hegde Shetiya, Oral Health Promoting Activities in Schools of Three Different Boards in Pune City- A Descriptive Study, Medical Journal of Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth,2020,13,3,215-19,UGC
  10. Mahima Bulani, Sahana H. Shetiya, Dipti Agarwal, Anmol Mathur,Severe Early Childhood Caries, Hypoplasia-Associated Severe Early Childhood Caries and Deciduous Molar Hypomineralization amongst 3 to 6 Years Old Anganwadi Children in Pune, Maharashtra: A Cross-Sectional Study, Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development,2020,11,4,174-79,Scopus
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  1. Mehta Vini1, Hegde S Sahana2, Kakodkar Pradnya3, Kumbhalwar Abhishek4,Evaluating the effectiveness of “Tobacco Monitor” App in reporting violation of tobacco policy in the community, & Mathur Ankita5, Biomedical Informatics2021,17,2,206-12, Pubmed EBSCO
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