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Accredited (3rd Cycle) by NAAC with a CGPA of
3.64 on four point scale at ‘A++’ Grade

Department of Oral Pathology Microbiology


Name of PG Student Topic of Final Dissertation Year Status Guide
Dr.Madhura Shekatkar Assessment of the angiogenic potential of conditioned media of Mesenchymal stem cells derived from different oral tissues. 2020-23 Ongoing Dr.Supriya Kheur
Dr.Namarata Sengupta Study of the force, alternate movements, snap, suction and vibration of the tongue in oral submucous fibrosis patients. 2020-23 Ongoing Dr.Sachin Sarode
Dr.Adwani Aanchal Clinical and histopathological association of immunohistochemical expression of podoplanin in pleomorphic adenoma as a myoepithelial cell marker. 2017-20 Completed Dr. Supriya Kheur
Dr.Ayushi Kaushik Quantification and comparison of fibrinogen degradation products in various clinical stages of oral submucous fibrosis. 2017-20 Completed Dr.Sachin Sarode
Dr.Choudhary Nilookumari Comparison of micronucleus frequency by acridine orange fluorescent staining in exfoliated buccal epithelial cells of oral submucous fibrosis patients and healthy individuals. 2017-20 Completed Dr.Gargi Sarode
Dr. Gayatri Krishnakumar Comparative evaluation of expression of Aquaporin-1 in Benign and Malignant salivary gland tumors. 2017-20 Completed Dr.Mamtha
Dr.Pankaj Shelke Evaluation of YES – associated Protein Molecular Expression in Tumor Cells of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinima with Clinico – Pathological Correlation : Immunochemical Study 2016-19 Completed Dr.Gargi Sarode
Dr.Ghevaram Prajapati Evaluation of efferocytosis in tumer cells of oral squomous cell carcinoma and its comparison with clinic _ pathological parameters 2016-19 Completed Dr.Sachin Sarode
Dr. Rahul Anand Localization of yes-associated protein molecule expression in Odontogenic epithelium of ameloblastomaand dental follicl using immunohistochemistry: a comparative study 2015-18 Completed Dr.Sachin Sarode
Dr. Pratiksha Mahajan Comparative evaluation of salivary total protein and electrolytes (K, Na, iCa, Cl) in saliva of HIV seropositive 1 patient with and without HAART 2015-18 Completed Dr.Supriya Kheur
Dr.Elizabeth Dony Immunohistochemical expression of Aquaporin 1 in oral squamous cell carcinoma 2015-18 Completed Dr.Mamtha
Dr Shakira Choudhary Analysis of IHC localization of Focal adhesion kinase molecule on epithelium of KCOT to establish its biological behaviour 2014-2017 Completed Dr.Sachin Sarode
Dr.Revati Deshmukh Immunohistochemical expression of CC chemokin Ligand 2 (CCL2) and alpha smooth muscle actin ( α-SMA) in oral submucous fibrosis 2014-2017 Completed Dr.Gargi Sarode
Dr.Pooja Association of neutrophil and lymphocytic density in the lesional tumor tissue with nodal metastasis in OSCC 2014-2017 Completed Dr.Supriya Kheur
Dr.Shraddha Saner Comparativ evaluation of three mothds for sex determination in forensic odontology 2013 -2016 Completed Dr. Supriya Kheur
Dr.Archana Gupta H pylori as a risk indicator for OSCC- A PCR based study. 2013 -2016 Completed Dr. Supriya Kheur
Dr.Senhal Patil Association of salivary acetaldehyde levels to candidal infection in patients with oral leukoplakia 2013 -2016 Completed Dr.Neeta Bagul
Dr.Sahilesh Gawande Detection of the human papilloma virus and identification of human papilloma virus 16 in patient with oral squamous cell carcinoma before and after surgical treatment 2013 -2016 Completed Dr.Neeta Bagul
Dr. Roopa Assesment of p gingival in C.O.P.D. patient restore & atter oral prophasis 2012-2015 Completed Dr.Meena Kulkarni
Dr.Pravin More Detection of human papiloma virus in tobacco habit & non habit oral squamous cell carcinoma & other dysplastic lesions 2012-2015 Completed Dr.Meena Kulkarni
Dr.Sujit Londhe Assesment of a efficacy of oronated water on P gingivaties in patients with chronic periodontitis 2012-2015 Completed Dr.Neeta Bagul
Dr.Manoj Magdum Qualification of tumor associated microphages and hymphatic vessels and their association in oral squamous cell carcinoma 2012-2015 Completed Dr.Neeta Bagul
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